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As of the Smash Up Knights of the Round Table expansion, there are 84 factions, which can combine to form 3,486 unique pairs of factions.[1]

Each player shuffles two factions together to form their deck of 40 cards. Every faction typically has 20 cards with some combination of minion cards and action cards. Factions have a typical structure, although there are many exceptions. The typical structure of a faction's cards is the following:

Ninjas have a typical faction structure

  • 10x Minions (total power 30, average power 3):
    • 1x Power 5 - the "Boss Minion"
    • 2x Power 4
    • 3x Power 3
    • 4x Power 2
  • 10x Actions:
    • 2x Some Action
    • 2x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action
    • 1x Some Action

Factions with a different minions' power distribution (while still retaining the regular 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x structure of minions) include: Aliens, Dinosaurs, Wizards, Zombies, Bear Cavalry, Ghosts, Killer Plants, Elder Things, Shapeshifters, Giant Ants, Elves, Halflings, Mages, Orcs, Thieves, Changerbots, Teddy Bears, Sheep, Mounties, Sumo Wrestlers, Polynesian Voyagers.

Factions with a different structure of minions and actions ratio include: Robots, Innsmouth, Minions of Cthulhu, Geeks, Princesses, Mythic Greeks, Superheroes, Astroknights, Star Roamers, Rock Stars, Smash Up All Stars, Itty Critters, Kaiju, Magical Girls, Mega Troopers, Disco Dancers, Vigilantes, Luchadors, Musketeers, Penguins, Anansi Tales, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Russian Fairy Tales, Avengers, Hydra, Sinister Six, Knights of the Round Table, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Big Hero 6, Frozen, Mulan, The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wreck-It Ralph, World Champs.

Each faction has special gameplay mechanics common among the faction's minions and actions that connect with their theme. For example, Zombies come back from the discard pile, Mad Scientists generate and spend +1 power counters, and Ghosts gain bonuses when having only a few cards in their hand.

Each faction releases alongside two bases associated with their theme (except Polynesian Voyagers who have three). Depending on how you build the base deck, bases associated with factions that weren't chosen to play may still appear, and bases associated with chosen factions may appear more or less often. Bases typically favor the gameplay of their associated faction, though there are many examples where this is debatable or in theme only: Tar Pits (the Dinosaurs have no more advantage than others who can't revive minions), Cave of Shinies (the Tricksters are better at destroying other players' minions than their own, and their minions already punish those who destroy them), The Dread Gazebo (the Ghosts get no advantage from it and they even have a play-on-base action), neither of Elder Things' bases favor them, Q Point (symbolizes a point of conflict for the Magical Girls but only sometimes favors them), etc.

List of Factions

Core Set

Faction Symbol Overview
Return minions in play to their owners' hands, gain a bonus for returning your own, and manipulate bases.
Play high-powered minions, boost your minions' power, and destroy weaker minions.
Destroy minions and actions, switch your minions in play with those in your hand, and sneak onto scoring bases at the last second.
Move around from base to base, especially during base scoring, and destroy weak minions, usually several at a time.
Play extra minions, including a whole lot of weak ones that support each other.
Irritate your opponents and make bases undesirable to play on with actions that penalize them and minions that are difficult to destroy.
Draw and play a lot of cards each turn, especially actions.
Discard cards from your deck and get cards in your discard pile into play.

Awesome Level 9000

Faction Symbol Overview
Bear Cavalry
Bear Cavalry.png
Their minions move other players' minions on their base to other bases, and also destroy minions that move to their base.
Gain benefits for discarding a lot of cards and having very few cards left in your hand.
Killer Plants
Killer Plants.png
Play extra minions frequently straight from your deck, and play cards with delayed effects that usually benefit you further as turns go by.
Their play-on-base actions synergize with their minions, both gaining power, mobility, and rescue from your discard pile.

The Obligatory Cthulhu Set

Faction Symbol Overview
Elder Things
Elder Things.png
Terrorize other players into Madness with minions that are difficult to play, and actions that ensure they are penalized for drawing Madness cards.
Keep playing and refilling your hand with the same power-2 minions and gain benefits for having several minions with the same name on bases.
Minions of Cthulhu
Minions of Cthulhu.png
Play many powerful actions that penalize you with Madness cards, and recover cards from the discard pile, often at the cost of destroying your own minions.
Miskatonic University
Miskatonic University-0.png
Draw and discard Madness cards to gain powerful effects, and play cards that relieve you of them afterward.

Science Fiction Double Feature

Faction Symbol Overview
Cyborg Apes
Cyborg Apes.png
Power up your minions with powerful play-on-minion actions.
Copy other players' power and abilities, boost your minions' power, and destroy and replace your minions with other minions, especially from your deck.
Super Spies
Super Spies.png
Sort your deck, take a peek and manipulate the top of each player's deck, force your opponents to discard cards, and play specials while bases are scoring.
Time Travelers
Time Travelers.png
Repeat the abilities of your minions in play, retrieve cards from your discard pile, especially actions, and manipulate bases.

The Big Geeky Box

See The Bigger Geekier Box.

Monster Smash

Faction Symbol Overview
Giant Ants
Giant Ants-0.png
Generate a lot of +1 power counters and flexibly transfer them among your minions.
Mad Scientists
Mad Scientists.png
Generate a lot of +1 power counters, especially when one of your minions is destroyed, and remove them to gain benefits.
Destroy weak minions and generate +1 power counters, especially from the destruction of minions.
Gain temporary power boosts at very specific times, gain benefits from minions with the highest-power, and destroy weaker minions.

Pretty Pretty Smash Up

Faction Symbol Overview
Play cards with a choice between two effects and mess with other players' non-standard actions, especially play-on-minion actions.
Kitty Cats
Kitty Cats.png
Weaken other players' minions, temporarily take control of weak minions, and destroy your own minions for effects, whether minions you played or minions you took control of.
Mythic Horses
Mythic Horses-0.png
Gain benefits for playing or simply having minions on the same base as another one of your minions.
Play with a reduced number of minions in your deck, but with a cast of six power-5 minions with useful abilities, and support your deck with movement, card draw and minion retrieval.

Smash Up: Munchkin

Faction Symbol Overview
Retrieve your discarded cards, usually random cards, and move your minions away after their bases score.
Draw treasures cards, usually from the treasure discard pile, and gain power boost from play-on-minion treasures.
Help other players with card draw and power boosts, while helping yourself in exchange.
Draw and retrieve a lot of minions and play them as extras on bases where you're lagging behind other players.
Discard cards for benefits, such as power gain, minion destruction, extra cards, and monster manipulation.
Make your minions insensitive to actions and gain benefits for having more power or more minions than other players.
Draw treasures, gain benefits for having treasures in hand, usually discarding them for the benefits, and steal things from other players, such as cards or VPs.
Play and destroy monsters on bases to manipulate their breakpoints and gain treasures, and gain power boosts from the presence or the destruction of monsters.

It’s Your Fault!

Faction Symbol Overview
Play minions and play-on-base actions that manipulate their bases to make them unattractive for other players.
Mythic Greeks
Mythic Greeks-0.png
Get power boosts each time you play an action.
Move around and destroy weaker minions to get +1 power counters and extra minion plays.
Protect your minions from destruction and morph your weak minions into power-5-or-more minions.
Move all minions, move your own minions, move other players' minions, even during base scoring.

Cease and Desist

Faction Symbol Overview
Astro Knights.png
Play with a cast of ten unique minions that focus on drawing and playing actions that directly increase minion power.
Play play-on-minion actions, use talents to switch your minions between a powerful form and a weaker form with a useful ability, and move your minions around.
Give control of your minions to other players for benefits, and take back control of them when the time is right.
Star Roamers
Star Roamers.png
Return your minions to hand for benefits, and manipulate how your minions are affected, like moving them instead of returning them or having your power-2 minions be affected instead of others.

What Were We Thinking?

Faction Symbol Overview
Take a peek and choose which base will come next, play extra minions on new bases to take early leads, and move minions all over the place.
Manipulate your deck, draw/play actions from the top of your deck and draw/play minions from the bottom of your deck.
Rock Stars
Rock Stars.png
Collect Groupies, gain advantages from bases with high breakpoints, play and move many minions at once to break bases.
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears.png
Play low-power minions as extras, gain benefits from the presence of other players' minions on their bases, and play actions that neutralize strong opposing minions.

All Stars Event Kit

See The Bigger Geekier Box.

Big in Japan

Faction Symbol Overview
Itty Critters
Itty Critters.png
Summon small minions directly from your deck just for their effects and return them to the bottom of your deck at the end of the turn.
Play with fewer minions than normal, but gain power through your play-on-base actions, destroy other players' cards, manipulate bases and summon a giant freaking titan.
Magical Girls
Magical Girls.png
Use abilities that get better the more minions you have on the same base.
Mega Troopers
Mega Troopers.png
Wait until a base scores to use all kinds of strong Special abilities.

Smash Up Sheep Promo

See 10th Anniversary.

That ’70s Expansion

Faction Symbol Overview
Disco Dancers
Duplicate the effects caused by standard actions on minions, thus increasing the number of affected minions.
Kung Fu Fighters
Kung Fu.png
Generate +1 power counters, drain them from any minions, even other players', and destroy weaker minions.
Transfer play-on-base actions around in order to move your minions, and mess with other players' play-on-base actions, either by transferring them elsewhere or taking control of them.
Play with a reduced number of minions in your deck, but with a team of seven power-4 minions with powerful and oppressive abilities, including hard removal, power boost and retaliation.

The Bigger Geekier Box

Faction Symbol Overview
Use your knowledge of the game to disrupt other players' plans. (Previously found in The Big Geeky Box)
Smash Up All Stars
Smash Up All Stars logo.png
Draw and retrieve cards from your deck and discard pile to get your best cards out as soon as possible and keep them around for as long as possible. (Previously found in the All Stars Event Kit)

Oops, You Did It Again

Faction Symbol Overview
Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Egyptians logo.png
Bury cards for use in the future and gain benefits from burying and uncovering cards.
Cowboys logo.png
Start duels with other players' minions to get rid of them, and greatly boost your own power to win duels.
Samurai logo.png
Get various benefits whenever your minions go to the discard pile from play.
Vikings logo.png
Steal other players' cards and gain power at the cost of placing cards from your hand on the top of your deck.

World Tour: International Incident

Faction Symbol Overview
Luchadors logo.png
Search for and play actions on other players' minions, especially Set-Up actions, as a requirement to activate or play cards with much greater effects.
Mounties logo.png
Move to bases where there are other players' minions and buff your minions on bases where other players' minions are present.
Musketeers logo.png
Chain a lot of extra actions that can directly affect your own minions and gain even more power, card draw and extra action as a benefit.
Sumo Wrestlers
Sumo Wrestlers logo.png
Discard cards to gain power, move other players' minions away from bases where you have minions and draw a lot of cards.

Smash Up Penguins

Faction Symbol Overview
Penguins logo 2.png
Play random extra minions directly out of your deck and trigger abilities each time you play a minion that way.

World Tour: Culture Shock

Faction Symbol Overview
Anansi Tales
Anansi Tales logo.png
Give cards to other players for benefit, gain benefits when they play or discard them, and give away actions that are continuously passed between players.
Ancient Incas
Ancient Incas logo.png
Draw, play and replay play-on-base actions that activate abilities that trigger each time you play a play-on-base action, especially on the same base.
Grimms’ Fairy Tales
Grimm's Fairy Tales logo.png
Play with a team of several pairs of minions who can only work when they are together with their partner.
Polynesian Voyagers
Polynesian Voyagers logo.png
Move to bases where you don't already have a minion, gain power and +1 power counters from play-on-minion actions, and put additional bases into play.
Russian Fairy Tales
Russian Fairy Tales logo.png
Replace any minions in play with other ones, usually random ones played off the top of their owner's deck.

Smash Up: Marvel

Faction Symbol Overview
Avengers logo.png
Play with a reduced number of characters in your deck, but with a cast of six power-5 characters with useful abilities, and each associated with a unique action that has two abilities, a regular one and a stronger one when the right character is in play.
Hydra logo.png
Destroy your characters to play a bunch of low-power characters and gain various other benefits.
Kree icon.png
Play extra actions, draw actions and gain great power from playing several actions on the same turn.
Masters of Evil
Fulfill the varied objectives of your cards to gain victory points outside base scoring and get benefits from having a lot of victory points.
SHIELD icon.png
Play extra characters on the same base and get power boosts for having/playing characters on the same base.
Sinister Six
Sinister Six icon.png
Play base modifiers, reduce the breakpoint of bases and gain advantages from bases with low breakpoints.
Spider-Verse icon.png
Play with cards that can be played either normally, or as Specials during base scoring but with weaker effects.
Move your characters around, trigger abilities that activate on movement and converge your characters to the same base to gain great power.

Smash Up Goblins

Faction Symbol Overview
Flip coins to determine what benefits you can get, such as power or card draws, and manipulate the outcome of your coin flips.

Smash Up Knights of the Round Table

Faction Symbol Overview
Knights of the Round Table
Knights icon.png
Play with a reduced number of minions in your deck, but with a team of seven strong minions, move them around, and have them end their movement on a base with your play-on-base actions to trigger various benefits.
Spoiler warning!
The following contains details about an upcoming set.

Smash Up: Disney Edition

Faction Symbol Overview
Aladdin Draw actions, discard actions for benefits and wisely use the Wish actions, three powerful but one-time-use cards.
Beauty and the Beast Gain benefits for discarding cards, especially cards that become playable when they are discarded from the hand.
Big Hero 6 Generate and move +1 power counters among your characters, and play with a team of ten power-3 characters, whose abilities get better if they have +1 power counters.
Frozen Play with a team of minions that can fetch each other from the deck and the discard pile.
Mulan Generate +1 power counters and trigger the abilities of your characters each turn they get a counter.
The Lion King Replace your characters after they go to the discard pile from play and power up your cards for having Mufasa in your discard pile.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Gain power for having character modifiers in play and distribute character modifiers whose ability can either benefit you, or severely hinder your opponents.
Wreck-It Ralph Play and manipulate base modifiers, move your characters around and get rid of bases.

10th Anniversary

Faction Symbol Overview
Sheep Icon.png
Move your minions around, especially after another minion moves, gain benefits for moving your minions and repeat other players' actions. (Previously found in Smash Up Sheep Promo)
World Champs

Core Set
Factions: Aliens  •  Dinosaurs  •  Ninjas  •  Pirates  •  Robots  •  Tricksters  •  Wizards  •  Zombies
Mechanics: Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
Awesome Level 9000
Factions: Bear Cavalry  •  Ghosts  •  Killer Plants  •  Steampunks
Mechanics: Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
Factions: Elder Things  •  Innsmouth  •  Minions of Cthulhu  •  Miskatonic University
Mechanics: Madness  •  Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
Science Fiction Double Feature
Factions: Cyborg Apes  •  Shapeshifters  •  Super Spies  •  Time Travelers
Mechanics: Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
The Big Geeky Box
Factions: Geeks
Monster Smash
Factions: Giant Ants  •  Mad Scientists  •  Vampires  •  Werewolves
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
Pretty Pretty Smash Up
Factions: Fairies  •  Kitty Cats  •  Mythic Horses  •  Princesses
Mechanics: Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
Smash Up: Munchkin
Factions: Clerics  •  Dwarves  •  Elves  •  Halflings  •  Mages  •  Orcs  •  Thieves  •  Warriors
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Monsters  •  Treasures
It’s Your Fault!
Factions: Dragons  •  Mythic Greeks  •  Sharks  •  Superheroes  •  Tornados
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
Cease and Desist
Factions: Astroknights  •  Changerbots  •  Ignobles  •  Star Roamers
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
What Were We Thinking?
Factions: Explorers  •  Grannies  •  Rock Stars  •  Teddy Bears
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans (optional, since the TITANS Event Kit)
All Stars Event Kit
Factions: Smash Up All Stars
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
Big in Japan
Factions: Itty Critters  •  Kaiju  •  Magical Girls  •  Mega Troopers
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans
Smash Up Sheep Promo
Factions: Sheep
That ’70s Expansion
Factions: Disco Dancers  •  Kung Fu Fighters  •  Truckers  •  Vigilantes
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
The Bigger Geekier Box
Factions: Geeks  •  Smash Up All Stars
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
TITANS Event Kit
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Madness  •  Titans
Oops, You Did It Again
Factions: Ancient Egyptians  •  Cowboys  •  Samurai  •  Vikings
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Burying  •  Duels
World Tour: International Incident
Factions: Luchadors  •  Mounties  •  Musketeers  •  Sumo Wrestlers
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
World Tour Event Kit
Factions: Penguins
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans
Smash Up Penguins
Factions: Penguins
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Titans
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters  •  Madness  •  Titans
World Tour: Culture Shock
Factions: Anansi Tales  •  Ancient Incas  •  Grimms’ Fairy Tales  •  Polynesian Voyagers  •  Russian Fairy Tales
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
Smash Up: Marvel
Factions: Avengers  •  Hydra  •  Kree  •  Masters of Evil  •  S.H.I.E.L.D.  •  Sinister Six  •  Spider-Verse  •  Ultimates
Smash Up Goblins
Factions: Goblins
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
Smash Up Knights of the Round Table
Factions: Knights of the Round Table
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
Smash Up: Disney Edition
Factions: Aladdin  •  Beauty and the Beast  •  Big Hero 6  •  Frozen  •  Mulan  •  The Lion King  •  The Nightmare Before Christmas  •  Wreck-It Ralph
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters
10th Anniversary
Factions: Mermaids  •  Sheep  •  Skeletons  •  World Champs
Mechanics: Burying  •  Titans


  1. to count the possible combinations of 2 items from a set of n items, use n choose 2 = n(n-1)/2.

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