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We're gonna totally get busted.

Smash Up: Cease and Desist brings you some of the coolest new factions that are TOTALLY not anything at all like some awesome moves and TV shows that we are really into. Not at all.

Astroknights use the power of the Fours to defeat your enemies. The Star Roamers move about space, teleporting your minions from one quadrant to another. Changerbots can transmorph into various forms, with new abilities and strengths. And finally the Ignobles fight over the king's seat, but don't trust any of them!

- Cease and Desist box description

Cease and Desist is the 10th Smash Up set. It contains 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens and 4 dividers.

Combined with all previous sets, there are 46 factions and 92 bases, which make 1035 possible pairs of factions.

The factions are all based on famous franchises.

Previous set: It’s Your Fault!

Next set: What Were We Thinking?




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SU10 Tokens.png

+1 Power Counters:

  • White 1 surrounded by stars / blue background
  • Green 5 evading laser bolts / yellow background


Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here.

This set made a few modifications to the rules relative to the previous rulebook in It’s Your Fault!:

  • Changed the rule to decide who goes first.
  • Added a Card Resolution Order chart.
  • During base scoring, special abilities in play are resolved first, before any special cards are played.
  • Added the definition of "directly".

This set also introduced the following clarifications:

  • A change of controller lasts indefinitely if there is no stated deadline.
  • "Your" cards are cards you control, even if you're not the owner.
  • If Madness cards cause a tie at the end of the game, the player with the least madness cards wins (as clarified in Science Fiction Double Feature). And if there's another tie, the tied players share the win.


  • The name of the set is a reference to a cease and desist order.

In other languages

Language Name Translation (if different) Note
Chinese 宇宙漫遊者+變形機器人 Space Wanders + Changing Robots Split into two sets
Chinese 玄力英雄+冰火奇謀 Heroes of Power + Conspiracy of Fire and Ice Split into two sets
French Ressemblances Fortuites Coincidental Resemblances
German Vergessene Helden Forgotten Heroes
Italian Cessare e Desistere & A che Pensavamo? Also contains the What Were We Thinking? set

Cease and Desist
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