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Unlikely allies, fantastical foes! Disney animated all-stars are competing to rule the kingdom and YOU are behind the magic! Smash together combos beyond your imagination to create the ultimate cast in this magical version of the fast-paced shufflebuilding card game. Choose two 20-card decks and mix them together to outdo your opponents’ pairings! Each combination creates its own story and unique game play for a new adventure every time!

- Smash Up: Disney Edition box description

Smash Up: Disney Edition is the 19th Smash Up set. It contains 8 new factions, 16 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens, 5 base mats, and base mat tokens.

Combined with all previous sets, there are 92 factions and 186 bases, which make 4186 possible pairs of factions.

Previous set: Smash Up Knights of the Round Table

Previous regular set: Smash Up: Marvel

Next set: 10th Anniversary







The VP/Power Counter tokens provided in the set have one side intended for VPs in denominations of 1s and 5s, and the other side intended for power counters, in denominations of +1s and +3s.

+1 Power Counters:

  • White 1 / blue background with sparkles on the VP side, and white +1 / purple background with sparkles on the Power Counter side
  • Green 5 / yellow background with sparkles on the VP side, and white +3 / purple background with sparkles on the Power Counter side

Additionally, Base Mat tokens are provided for use with each base mat, one token allowing to track the Total Current Power on the base (marked "P") and a second token allowing to track the Breakpoint of the base (marked "B").

  • White P / green background with sparkles
  • Green B / red background with sparkles

Mixing this with other AEG's Smash Up sets

When mixing this set with any of AEG's Smash Up sets, here are a few points to consider:

  1. The character type and minion type are the same. One of the two free plays of your turn can indifferently be a character or a minion (the other free play having to be an action), and cards that refer to characters also refer to minions and vice versa.
  2. "X modifiers" actions and "Play on X" actions are the same. Attachable actions are introduced as "Base/Character modifier" in this set, while they are introduced as "Play on a base/minion" in AEG's Smash Up, but they work exactly the same way. And among other things, cards that refer to modifiers also refer to "Play on X" actions, cards that refer to "actions that can be played on an X" also refer to X modifiers, and cards that trigger on actions being played on them also trigger on modifiers being played on them.
  3. The keyword for relocating modifiers is "transfer" or "move". In this set "move" is used to relocate minions, actions and +1 power counters, while AEG's Smash Up has the dedicated "transfer" keyword for relocating actions and +1 power counters. It doesn't make any difference in terms of gameplay since effects will tell you the type of the card you can relocate.

If Smash Up: Disney Edition is your first set ever and you wish to try AEG's Smash Up sets, here are a few extra points to consider:

  1. Smash Up: Disney Edition has a more exhaustive wording than most AEG's Smash Up sets. A few extra words were added in this set that don't appear in AEG's Smash Up, or stopped appearing in more recent AEG's Smash Up sets, mainly because they are part of the general rules, or have become part of it over time. For example, more recent AEG's Smash Up cards don't tell you to shuffle your deck after searching it because that intruction has eventually been removed from card texts and put in the general rules, while this set put it back in the card texts.
  2. The rules and the dividers of AEG's Smash Up factions don't tell you what the faction does, nor its complexity. The factions do have a flavor text in the rulebook of the sets they come from, but that flavor text mainly give a thematic illustration of the faction, while this set's flavor texts give more straightforward indications on the factions. Also, you won't find any indication of complexity about those factions.
  3. The rules of AEG's Smash Up sets won't give you any tips or suggested beginner matchups This set gives helpful advice for beginner players about each faction. You won't find anything of the sort in AEG's Smash Up sets.
  4. Several AEG's Smash Up sets come with particular mechanics, usually exclusive to that set. If you are familiar with the rules of this set, it is usually enough to play with any AEG's Smash Up sets, but do keep in mind that some sets come with an extra set of rules for mechanics that appear in it. As such, you'll probably find sets that have monsters, Titans, +1 Power Counters, etc. or involve Duels.


Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here.

This set made a few modifications to the rules relative to the previous rulebook in Smash Up: Marvel:

  • Changed the rule to decide who goes first.
  • Adds the keyphrase "Before the end of the turn" as a reference to the Draw 2 Cards phase, in contrast to "At the end of the turn" referencing the End Turn phase. The Game Terms mistakenly state that it refers to the "Play 2 Cards phase"; there is no such phase.
  • When a card goes to the box, no ability can prevent it from going there, nor retrieve it or any card already in the box.
  • Adds the keyphrase "During a turn" as designating any phase of a turn, in contrast to "On your turn" designating the Play Cards phase only.

This set also introduced the following clarifications:

  • "Special" is included again in what a base ability is (sort of), along with "Ongoing" and "Awesome".
    • Though it is later specified that base abilities indeed "have no label" and are treated "as if they have no ability type".
  • Clarifies the timing of when to shuffle your discard pile to make a new deck. You do so when the deck is empty when you start drawing, searching for, revealing or looking at cards from it, as well as when the deck runs out while you are in the middle of drawing, revealing or looking at cards from it. You do not do so if you are searching the deck and you cannot find the right cards, nor if you are revealing cards "until" a certain condition is met and the deck runs out first.
  • Clarifies that if a player gets to 15 VP in the middle of a turn, the game still continues until the end of that turn when it is determined whether or not the game ends.
  • Clarifies that an on-play ability is resolved first, even before Ongoing abilities on the newly-played card that are immediately applicable.
  • Clarifies the general mechanics of +1 Power Counters, e.g. what they do, when to place/remove them and when not to, their interaction with abilities, etc.
  • Clarifies that control of a modifier doesn't change even when the modifier is moved to a character with a different controller.

This set also made the following minor changes:

  • Several paragraphs were reworded, either with new names or to fit the Disney theme: the Objective overview, the card schematics (renamed "Get to Know the Equipment!"), the Tie Fighter paragraph (renamed "Untangling Ties"), the Void Where Prohibited (renamed "A Few Provisos").
  • During setup, the players need to place as many base mats as the number of bases, i.e. the number of player plus one, and choose a side for their cards. The drawn bases go on those mats, then the Base Mat tokens are placed on their tracks accordingly.
  • The rule on building the base deck was reverted again to shuffling the bases from the sets of the chosen factions.
  • The 10-card limit in hand has been removed. Likely a mistake since that limit is referred to in the clarifications.
  • The keyword "move" is used for characters, actions and counters (in contrast to the keyword "transfer" that was only used for actions and counters in other sets).


  • This set is AEG and The Op's second collaboration. They previously did it with Smash Up: Marvel.
  • All the card art are stills from the Disney movies. The box cover art is an original art from Francisco Rico Torres, who also designed the art of many factions in AEG's Smash Up sets.
  • The dividers of this set are vastly different from regular Smash Up dividers, having the faction symbol on one side and a character art with the faction's description and complexity on the other.
  • Each of this set's factions has the movie villain represented as an action rather than a character.

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