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Unlikely allies, unheard of enemies! All trying to take on the universe by teaming up like you’ve never seen them before.

Each new combination brings a different experience in this version of the fast-paced shufflebuilding game. Take two twenty-card decks and smash them together, then rock your opponents’ world!

Every pairing creates a different scenario with unique game play, each with its own awesomeness!

- Smash Up: Marvel box description

Smash Up: Marvel is the 18th Smash Up set. It contains 8 new factions, 16 new bases, a rulebook, and VP tokens.

Combined with all previous sets, there are 82 factions and 166 bases, which make 3321 possible pairs of factions.

Previous set: Dead Reckoning Promo

Previous regular set: World Tour: Culture Shock

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+1 Power Counters:

  • White 1 / blue background on the VP side, and white +1 / purple background on the Power Counter side
  • Green 5 / yellow background, and white +3 / purple background on the Power Counter side

Mixing this with other AEG's Smash Up sets

When mixing this set with any of AEG's Smash Up sets, here are a few points to consider:

  1. The character type and minion type are the same. One of the two free plays of your turn can indifferently be a character or a minion (the other free play having to be an action), and cards that refer to characters also refer to minions and vice versa.
  2. "X modifiers" actions and "Play on X" actions are the same. Attachable actions are introduced as "Base/Character modifier" in this set, while they are introduced as "Play on a base/minion" in AEG's Smash Up, but they work exactly the same way. And among other things, cards that refer to modifiers also refer to "Play on X" actions, cards that refer to "actions that can be played on an X" also refer to X modifiers, and cards that trigger on actions being played on them also trigger on modifiers being played on them.
  3. The keyword for relocating modifiers is "transfer" or "move". In this set "move" is used to relocate minions and actions, while AEG's Smash Up has the dedicated "transfer" keyword for relocating actions. It doesn't make any difference in terms of gameplay since effects will tell you the type of the card you can relocate.
  4. The base backs are oriented differently. When flipping over the bases the same way, the bases won't show up with the same orientation depending on whether they are from this set or from AEG's Smash Up sets. So if you are attentive to the orientation of the card backs in the decks, you will have to rotate some bases 180° when playing them, and if you are shuffling discarded bases back into the deck, be sure that their backs are all oriented the same way to not give away information on upcoming bases.
    • This is a production issue and The Op will correct this in future printings of this set.
  5. The aesthetic of the cards are slightly different. The most notable difference is the black bar on the bottom of the cards.

If Smash Up: Marvel is your first set ever and you wish to try AEG's Smash Up sets, here are a few extra points to consider:

  1. Smash Up: Marvel has a more exhaustive wording than most AEG's Smash Up sets. A few extra words were added in this set that don't appear in AEG's Smash Up, or stopped appearing in more recent AEG's Smash Up sets, mainly because they are part of the general rules, or have become part of it over time. For example, more recent AEG's Smash Up cards don't tell you to shuffle your deck after searching it because that intruction has eventually been removed from card texts and put in the general rules, while this set put it back in the card texts.
  2. The rules and the dividers of AEG's Smash Up factions don't tell you what the faction does, nor its complexity. The factions do have a flavor text in the rulebook of the sets they come from, but that flavor text mainly give a thematic illustration of the faction, while this set's flavor texts give more straightforward indications on the factions. Also, you won't find any indication of complexity about those factions.
  3. Several AEG's Smash Up sets come with particular mechanics, usually exclusive to that set. If you are familiar with the rules of this set, it is usually enough to play with any AEG's Smash Up sets, but do keep in mind that some sets come with an extra set of rules for mechanics that appear in it. As such, you'll probably find sets that have monsters, Titans, +1 Power Counters, etc. or involve Duels.


Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here.

This set made a few modifications to the rules relative to the previous rulebook in World Tour: Culture Shock:

  • Changed the rule to decide who goes first.
  • Changed the order of resolution of triggered cards. Formerly, all triggered cards in play were resolved first in an order decided by the current player, then going clockwise from the current player, each player could either play a triggered Special card in hand or pass. Now, all triggered cards in play that either don't say "may" or do say "each player may" (collectively designated as "mandatory abilities") are resolved first in an order decided by the current player, then going clockwise from the current player, each player can either resolve an optional ability in play or in hand (those designate triggered cards in play that say "(a single player) may" and triggered Special cards in hand), or pass.
  • Changed the rule that when a card grants you an extra card followed by another effect, then the extra card must be played immediately or not at all, by adding the additional condition that the following effect must depend on the extra card being played. If it doesn't depend on it, the extra card can be banked if it's your Play Cards phase.

This set also introduced the following clarifications:

  • Clarifies that for an ability to respond to a trigger, it needs to be in play when the triggering event happens.
  • Clarifies that in order to resolve an ability that responds to a trigger, that ability needs to still be in play when the event is finished to be resolved, unless the event itself made the card leave play, in which case the card does resolve as well.
  • Clarifies that when resolving triggered ability, if you resolve an "optional ability" that causes a "mandatory Ongoing or Special ability" to enter play, that mandatory ability is immediately resolved before continuing with the next player.
  • Clarifies that an extra card play with constraints is not a specific extra card play and can therefore be banked if it's your Play Cards phase.
  • Clarifies that when you take a card out of the discard pile, you must show it to everyone.

This set also made the following minor changes:

  • Several paragraphs were reworded, either with more details or to fit the comic book theme: the Objective overview, the Kickin’ It Queensberry rule (renamed "Who’s On Your Side?"), the description of the phases, the Card Resolution Order (substituted for a detailed explanation with examples), the Game Over, Man! paragraph (renamed "Declaring Victory"), the Tie Fighter paragraph (renamed "Fighting to a Draw").
  • A base ability is now described as "a combination of Ongoing and Awesome" instead of "a combination of Special, Ongoing, and Awesome."
  • The rule on building the base deck was reverted to just shuffling all the bases together, probably to avoid referencing other Smash Up sets.
  • The "minion" type is replaced by the new "character" type. There aren't any distinction between the two when mixing this set with other sets.
  • Non-standard actions state "X modifier", i.e. "Character modifier" or "Base modifier", instead of "Play on a base/character". There aren't any distinction either between the two variants when mixing this set with other sets.
  • The keyword "move" is used both for characters and actions (in contrast to the keyword "transfer" that was only used for actions and counters in other sets).


  • This set is a collaboration between AEG and The Op. They'll do it again with Smash Up: Disney Edition.
  • All the card art are reused from the Marvel comics. The box cover art is an original art from David Nakayama.
  • The dividers of this set are vastly different from regular Smash Up dividers, having the faction symbol on one side and a character art with the faction's description and complexity on the other.

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