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- Smash Up: Marvel box description

Smash Up: Marvel is the 18th Smash Up set. It contains 8 new factions, 16 new bases, a rulebook, and VP tokens. Contents to be confirmed

Combined with all previous sets, there are 82 factions and 165 bases, which make 3321 possible pairs of factions.

Previous set: World Tour: Culture Shock

Next set: (Not yet announced)



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  • Base name
  • Base name
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  • Base name



+1 Power Counters:

  • [Description of the "+1" token]
  • [Description of the "+5" token]


Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here (link to be added).

This set made a few modifications to the rules relative to the previous rulebook in World Tour: Culture Shock:

  • Changed the rule to decide who goes first. To be confirmed

This set also made the following minor changes:

  • The "minion" type is replaced by the new "character" type. There aren't any distinction between the two when mixing this set with other sets.


  • This set is a collaboration between AEG and The Op.

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