Smash Up All Stars

These booster pack style packs contain an all-new Smash Up faction made up of the best of the best of Smash Up! Give these out to anyone who attends your Smash Up event, enjoys a Smash Up demonstration at your store, or in any other method you prefer.

- All Stars Event Kit insert

Smash Up All Stars was a Smash Up pack that was released as part of the All Stars Event Kit. It contained the Smash Up All Stars faction, 2 bases and a divider.

While the pack itself is no longer available, the Smash Up All Stars faction, their two bases and their divider is available in The Bigger Geekier Box.

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AllStarsEventKit Bases

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  • There's an art depicting a Saucy Wench holding a basketball player at gunpoint and forcing him to hand over a basketball to Pirate King that can be seen on the pack. That art isn't used on any of the Smash Up All Stars cards.

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Language Name
German All Stars

All Stars Event Kit

Factions: Smash Up All Stars
Mechanics: +1 Power Counters


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