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The earth trembles as the Titans thread upon the earth. They are big, they are epic and they are finally here. Minions are stroke in awe at the face of these Titans. - AEG

It's Titanic! But Without the Earworm...

It's TITAN time! The Titan cards, first introduced in Smash Up: Big in Japan are now back in this all-new event kit. Featuring Titans for various factions including Ghosts, Pirates, Changerbots and more, the Titan Event Kit will provide new strategies for many of your favorite classic Smash Up factions! The kit includes Titans sets for up to 8 players, an amazing new playmat, and really spiffy new power tokens!

- TITANS Event Kit box description

Similar to the All Stars Event Kit, TITANS Event Kit was a special Smash Up set, only available for retailers. It contained 8 "Smash Up TITANS" packs (each containing 16 new Titans), a table-sized Smash Up playmat, a set of VP tokens and a token bag.

Like before, AEG has no plans to sell the playmat, wooden tokens and drawstring bag. On the other hand, the Smash Up TITANS packs are available for purchase through their online store.

Unlike the previous event kit, this kit was not bundled with any copy of the Core Set.

This set did not contain a rulebook or any rules changes, however it came with an insert with rule clarifications for several titans.

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EventKit Tokens.png

+1 Power Counters:

  • Wooden lime green "+1" token
  • Wooden yellow "+5" token


Main article: Rules

This set came with an insert that contained clarifications for several Titans, but there was only one copy of it, so not enough to give away with the eight packs. Though, the insert is also available online.

Language Name Note
French Tournoi TITANS Saison 1 Split into two kits. Packs contain 8 of the 16 titans.
French Tournoi TITANS Saison 2 Split into two kits. Packs contain the remaining 8 titans.


  • Other titans were tested, but only 16 of them were released.
  • Among the unreleased titans, an alternate version of Cthulhu was considered. This one had no affiliated faction so any player could summon it, but the player who plays it wouldn't control it anyway as that version of Cthulhu works against all the players once in play.
    • Its ability would have been "Special: At the start of their turn, any player may place one of their minions back in the box to play or move Cthulhu to its base. Each other player with minions there draws a Madness card. Ongoing: After a player plays or draws a Madness card, they place a +1 power counter on this titan. This titan has no faction, owner, or controller. When this base scores, if Cthulhu has more power here than the base winner, all minions here go back to the box instead of the discard pile, and no player gets victory points for the base. Ongoing: At the start of a player's turn, if they have a minion here, they draw a Madness card."

TITANS Event Kit
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